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The primary goal of MI-COM Technology are:

to help create awareness of the benefits and advantages of Internet Marketing

to assist clients in achieving their full Internet Marketing potential that will result in increased sales and increased profits

to provide a quality product at an affordable price to small businesses

Bill Gates said
"There will be 2 types of businesses in the new Millennium,
those online, and those out of business."

 Why do you need a website?
Establish an Internet storefront for your business

Your products and/or services are accessible and can be purchased 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. ?

Information about your company will be launched to a global audience

Since information on the Web is presented in a graphical format, small businesses can compete at the same level as that of the "big boys"

The Web is the most effective form of advertising media due to its interactive nature

An Internet presence is the quickest and most cost_effective way to pick up where other advertising leaves off


Why do you need your OWN domain name
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It bring credibility to your company

It gives your business a global idendity

Gives the appearance that you are a bigger business


 Active vs Passive Marketing
You donít want to be a signpost in the middle of the desert. Your site needs to be actively promoted

People hitting your website are an active audience

are curious as to what you have to offer

People are using the Internet more and more these days as a research tool in seeking information. Your site should provide information so that they want to do business with you. They are an active audience

Statistics and studies show that more people are doing business on the Internet


Why list with search engines
The biggest CHALLENGE is to ensure your website and products and services are known to your potential customers

Listing your site with search engines is the single most important thing you can do to make your site successful.

Search Engines are the key to getting prospective clients at your site

Search engines can greatly increased traffic to your site

People enter their key words into the search engine, and the results leads them to your company

People are actively looking to buy; they are not just window shopping


What MI-COM can do for you
Register your Domain Name

Design your website

Host your website

Submit your website to the search engines

Actively assist in the marketing of your website

Provide computer technical support for the internet, networking, software applications, and training